Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Interview Questions on Git, Github and Gitlab

Read out top interview questions on Git, Github and Gitlab which is very much commonly asked in interviews.
  • What is GIT?
  • What is a repository in GIT?
  • What is the command you can use to write a commit message?
  • What is the difference between GIT and SVN and other CM systems?
Answers -
Cheap Local Branching
Everything is Local
Git is Fast
Git is Small
The Staging Area
Any Workflow
Easy to Learn
Git is the new standard
  • What are the advantages of using GIT?
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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Top 10 DevOps Tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers

DevOps is an important component for software industry today. Developing and implementing a DevOps culture helps to focus IT results and to save time and money as the gap between developers and IT operations teams closes. Just as the term and culture are new, so are many of the best DevOps tools these DevOps engineers use to do their jobs efficiently and productively. To help you in your DevOps process, we have searched and created this list of DevOps tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers in their projects.
1. Chef

Chef is an extremely popular tool among DevOps engineers. From IT automation to configuration management, Read more click here

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Monday, 26 June 2017

The 4 roles of DevOps leadership

​Several years ago when we started having DevOps conferences, there were a lot of talks about how to get management buy-in to our new wonderful paradigm. Engineers from operations and development would come on stage and tell stories of wins and losses in their struggle to demonstrate that this DevOps thing is valuable for the business.
Fast forward to here and now and we suddenly realize the situation is upside down. What we as DevOps consultants now see is that it is managers who come to us and say – we know we want to do DevOps – how do we get engineers on board? Things change fast, don't they? Read more click here

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

How can you become a successful DevOps Engineer?

These days in software industry one word is high in trend and that is "DevOps". Industry experts define DevOps either as a "culture" or "methodology". But when organizations and companies looking for DevOps expert for their projects or organizations they post job ad like this "Hiring or Looking" for "DevOps Engineer" or "DevOps Architect". So we can say DevOps is a culture and methodology but it's a "Role" too. 

Today DevOps is reforming the software industry. DevOps integrates developers and operation teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automation infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously application performance. Read more click here

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Friday, 23 June 2017

Introduction of Sonatype Nexus

Sonatype Nexus Introduction

​Sonatype Nexus: Manage Artifacts

Sonatype Nexus sets the standard for repository management providing development teams with the ability to proxy remote repositories and share software artifacts. Download Nexus and gain control over open source consumption and internal collaboration.

Why Nexus?
A repository manager stores and organizes binary software components for use in development, deployment, and provisioning. Read more click here

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Interview Questions & Answer for Build & Release Engineer

I get many emails and LinkedIn personal message about sharing interview questions for Build & Release Engineer and Configuration Engineer.

I have asked some of my friends to share too and now here is the consolidated list of interview questions which is very much commonly asked in interview. if you like it, please share with other members and contribut it too. I will add in this article in next update.

Interview Questions and Answer on configuration management?

What do you think about configuration management? Read More Click here

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

20 useful tools for web developers

 Useful tools for web developers
Read about 20 useful sites and tools which are useful for web developers.

NEWS: Keep up with industry trends and developments

DailyJS: This site offers daily JavaScript news and tutorials in a simple, highly readable format.

HTML5Weekly: Those in the know sign up for this free weekly Wednesday newsletter, a curated selection of news about HTML5 and other web platform technology. Fun fact: each issue also contains job listings.

Hacker News: Y Combinator's reddit-style web technology forum is replete with need-to-know news on all things development. Create a free account if you want to participate by upvoting interesting stories and partaking in discussions. Read more click here

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Jenkins Troubleshooting

Jenkins is one of the important CI tools which many organization used as part of their Build and DevOps infrastructure. I am going to consolidate all the troubleshooting techniques which can be used in order to find any issues related in Jenkins. 

Step 1. Take a look at Log generated by the Jenkins and plugins via http://jenkins-master/log

Note: Here you can also create your own logger and and set your custom log levels such as (severe, warning, info, config, file, finer, finest, all)

Step 2. Also, you can look at /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log via doing "tail -f /var/log/jenkins/jenkins.log" and check carefully whats breaking it. 

Log file in windows - jenkins.err.log & jenkins.out.log Read More Click here

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Monday, 19 June 2017

20 DevOps questions you must prepare before Interview

​If you are preparing yourself to face the recruitment panel for DevOps Job Role than here is the comprehensive list of 20 DevOps questions you must prepare before Interview. These sample questions are framed by experts from scmGalaxy, who trains for DevOps Training to give you an idea of type of questions which may be asked in interview. 

1. What do you understand about DevOps? Can you please define it in your terminologies?

2. What are the ways, DevOps will help the Software Projects and Team? Read more

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Friday, 16 June 2017

DevOps Role for Operations Team

DevOps Role
First of all, we should know what Operations Team does. So, I will start with responsibilities of operations team and will move forward to see DevOps role in Operations at different level and than most important is skill sets for an operations guy and also in elaborated way.

So, a very Quick view on Responsibilities Operations Team -

Reviewing how various departments within an employer have interaction, share facts, deal with customers, and do things like make joint purchases of elements or outside offerings. Making pointers on how to growth efficiency, so that it will shop money, lessen cycle instances, and improve patron satisfaction making plans and putting into action tasks that do the above operating with human beings at numerous ranges  Read more click here

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

DevOps Training Online | Learn DevOps directly from DevOps Geek!!!

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In this course, we look at the necessity of Devops and how a DevOps transformation can help focus on value and streamlined delivery of your software. We will also cover concepts like Automation, tools & technology which play huge roles in DevOps success;

Tools Covered - DevOps using Docker, Git, Maven, Nexus, Jenkins & Chef on AWS platform (For complete agenda scroll down)

Weekends - 8:00 AM to 11 AM (Sat & Sun)
Weekdays - 8:00 PM to 10 PM (Monday to Friday Every Alternate days)

Trainer Info

Mode - Online (Gotomeeting), Live and Interactive

Duration – 30 Hours Live and Interactive

Course Fee - INR 25K

Our Training Reviews

Agenda of the training: Tools which will get covered

DevOps Concept, Foundation, Culture, Best Practices and Learning

  • Problem That DevOps Solves
  • Implement DevOps - Organization & Culture
  • Continous Integration and Delivery Process
  • Explore the DevOps background, approach, and best practices
  • Integrate test automation with DevOps
  • Implement continuous testing
  • Discover the major steps required to successfully implement delivery pipelines
  • DevOps Transition to a Project
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • Linux (CentOs & Ubantu)

Version Control Management Tools Using
  • Git

Build & Lifecycle Management Tools Using
  • Maven
  • Gradle

World of Application Packaging Tools with 
  • Nuget
  • YUM
  • APT

Virtualization and Container with
  • Docker
  • Vagrant

Static Code Analysis using
  • SonarQube

Test Coverage using
  • Jacoco
  • Cobertura

Incident and Task Management System
  • Jira

Configuration Management, Automation & Deployment Tools Using 
  • Chef
  • Puppet

Continuous Integration & Delivery Using
  • Jenkins

Understanding the Cloud Infrastructure with 
  • Amazon AWS EC2

Server Monitoring Tools with 
  • Nagios

Programming and Scripting with 
  • Bash Scripting
  • Ruby Fundamental

Contact Info
Email -
Phone -  +91 7004835930 | 8105843520
Skype - scmGalaxy

Why scmGalaxy for DevOps & Build and Release Training? Watch this video to know about the features & benefits you will get from scmGalaxy. 

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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Certified DevOps Training & Courses for IT professionals

DevOps is an undeniably mainstream term in IT today, where Development and Operations work in collaboration throughout the software development life cycle from planning to design and development to production and support.

Since DevOps has increased in popularity, there is an increase in demand for certified DevOps professionals worldwide. According to the Indeed, career in DevOps is continue to grow at 50% when compared to other IT jobs. DevOps certification are now becomes a must have certificate for software and IT professionals who wants to grow and build in this industry.

Certified DevOps professionals jobs like certified DevOps Architect, Certified DevOps Engineer, Administrator are the most popular jobs you can find in the major Job portals. Read More Click here

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Friday, 9 June 2017

10 critical skills that every DevOps engineer needs for success

DevOps Engineers
Enterprises including Adobe, Amazon, and Target are increasingly turning to DevOps as a way to deliver software and security updates more rapidly, both internally and to customers. And the spread of the workflow means there are more DevOps engineer positions available than ever.

DevOps engineer came in at no. 3 on Indeed’s list of best jobs in America for 2017, in terms of salary, number of job postings, and opportunities for growth. These positions grew by 106% in the past few years, Indeed found, and boast an average base salary of $123,165. Read more click here

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Classroom DevOps Training and Workshop In Bangalore

As we all know that DevOps is one of the most hot and trending subject which is spreading in Software or IT industry these days. Every organisations are looking for the talent who have the knowledge of DevOps concept and DevOps tools. This the reason if you are a fresher or professional in this industry than DevOps skills is must if you wants to grow your career. But the question is where to start or where to learn DevOps. To help you in this scmGalaxy is one of the best option you should go with. Below is the Details how scmGalaxy can help you in this.

scmGalaxy going to organize an event in Bangalore (India) in which they will provide the DevOps classroom training for three days by well known DevOps trainer Rajesh Kumar.

Here is the Details of the Event

  • Tools Covered — DevOps using Docker, Git, Maven, Nexus, Jenkins & Chef on AWS platform
  • Number of Days — 3 Days
  • Timing — 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Location — Bangalore (Richmond Road)
  • Mode — Classroom
  • Early Bird Fees — INR 20000 / Candidate
  • Last 7 Days Registration — INR 25000 / Candidate

DevOps Trainer Details

DevOps Certification
After successful completion of the workshop, every participants would be awarded with DevOps certificates approved by scmGalaxy Certification program.

Check out participants review and feedback after the DevOps training from scmGalaxy

Contact Info
Email -
Phone -  +91 7004835930 | 8105843520
Skype - scmGalaxy

Friday, 2 June 2017

The Real Business Benefits of DevOps

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DevOps, an evolution of the agile methodology, has firmly planted its feet in the enterprise. 2016 witnessed DevOps growing in maturity and in adoption and it has steadily now become a standard way of working.

According to the fifth annual State of the Cloud Survey, 2016 by RightScale, “DevOps adoption increased from 66 percent in 2015 to 74 percent in 2016”.

Gartner estimates that in 2017 DevOps will be a mainstream strategy which is employed by more than 25% of the Global 2000 companies. Read more click here

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